Pop Hybrids are available for purchase as limited edition works at 12", 24", 36", and 48" in Seattle at SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum. If you are outside of Seattle, email Troy for further information on how and where to purchase.

I imagine a future where the world is out of room. It’s a world where, in order to save space, even our thoughts, our memories, our nostalgia becomes distilled, consolidated, hybridized, and layered on top of itself.

‘Pop Hybrids’ are the reduction of personality into logo, the reduction of individuality into the collective, the reduction of photography into design. They are a subtraction of images: the recycling, re-using and reducing of two or more images into new iconography. Conceptually opposed to Warhol’s emphasis on repetition, this work suggests that we are running out of space even for our cultural icons to retain a solo spotlight in our crowded collective conscience.

In antiquity, art was made to regale the gods, heroes, and myths of the day. Today, we regale celebrities, pop stars, actors and the characters they portray, artists, musicians, politicians and world leaders. Superficially, it's easy to label this body of work as a collection of 'pop art celebrity portraits', but they're more than that. They're modern day devotional images that deal with iconography, ironic duality and satirical juxtapositions. By layering together thoughtfully paired individuals, these pieces challenge the viewer to decipher the image while making sardonic, metaphorical and sometimes philosophical connections within the image.

The series began as meticulously hand-painted acrylic on canvas pieces, which were then sealed in a resin coating. They were meant to look as precise as manufactured products, and many assumed that they were. I found pride in that, but it also gave me a nudge to actually push the process in that direction. It made conceptual sense to incorporate streamlined production which, in turn, made the work more widely available as limited editions, each design in a low numbered run. Now actual hybrids, somewhere between man and machine made, the ‘Pop Hybrid’ series is now designed digitally, printed and mounted to panel, and finished with a glassy resin coating.

From Ross Lesko, Director of the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery:

"Troy Gua is an artist whose work investigates identity, celebrity and popular culture. His Pop Hybrid series is a unique, superimposition of iconic faces and imagery, instantly recognizable on their own, but dissolved into a kind of Rorschach inkblot puzzle when merged—each viewer seeing something different, making his or her own subjective associations. The resulting hybrid image is a new and separate identity, functioning as irony and satire; as metaphor and social commentary. Each piece has its own narrative, whether humorous, poignant or intellectual."

"The [Pop Hybrid] portraits are as slick and polished as custom made cars and as clever as the most inspired work of a Madison Avenue ad writer."

Alec Clayton — Weekly Volcano

All work here ©2016 TROY GUA

The entire series below in alphabetical order:

installation at SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum

installation at Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio
photo by Ross Lesko

installation at the Washington State Convention Center

installation at SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum


Changes One
David Bowie at 4 life stages

Changes Two
David Bowie at 4 life stages

Changes Three
David Bowie at 4 life stages

If It's Not Love Then It's The Bomb That Will Bring Us Together
Albert Einstein + J. Robert Oppenheimer

Steve Jobs + Bill Gates

Jenner 2.0
Bruce Jenner + Caitlyn Jenner

Just Kids
Robert Mapplethorpe + Patti Smith

La Dada Gaga
Lady Gaga + Marcel Duchamp's 'L.H.O.O.Q.'

Los Pablos, or Palabras e Imágenes
Pablo Neruda + Pablo Picasso

Los Pintores
Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera

Lost Youth
Kurt Cobain + Chris Cornell + Layne Staley + Andrew Wood

Made in Heaven
George Washington (representing the dollar bill, i.e. money) + DaVinci's Mona Lisa (representing art)

Men With No Names
Toshiro Mifune + Clint Eastwood

Prince Rogers Nelson from three eras

The 007s, or Shaken, Not Stirred
Sean Connery + Roger Moore

The Actors
Marlon Brando + Johnny Depp

The Amazing Graces
Grace Kelly + Grace Jones

The Architects, or The Franks 2.0
Frank Lloyd Wright + Frank Gehry

The Artists
Prince Rogers Nelson at 3 life stages

The Artists 2.0
Prince Rogers Nelson at 3 life stages

The Astronauts
Ham the Chimp + Alan Shepard


The Baltimoreans
Edgar Allen Poe + John Waters

The Battle of the Currents
Thomas Edison + Nikola Tesla


The Betteez
Bettie Page + Betty Rubble

The Blonde Ambition
Madonna Ciccone at 3 life stages

The Bob Dylan Thomas
Bob Dylan + Dylan Thomas

The Boss
Bruce Springsteen at 3 life stages

The Boy King of Pop
King Tut + Michael Jackson

The Boy King of Pop 2.0
King Tut + Michael Jackson

The Brains and the Beauty
Albert Einstein + Marilyn Monroe

The Brains and the Beauty 2.0
Albert Einstein + Marilyn Monroe

The Brides
Elsa Lanchester as The Bride of Frankenstein + Uma Thurman as The Bride from Kill Bill

The Burt and Ernie
Burt Reynolds + Ernie from Sesame Street

The Curious George Washington
Curious George + George Washington

The Davids
Michelangelo's David + David Bowie

The Davids 2.0
Michelangelo's David + David Bowie

The Davises, or The Revolutionaries
Angela Davis + Betty Davis

The Debbie Dirty Harry
Debbie Harry + Clint Eastwood

The Divine
Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) + Jesus

The Doctors, or On the Couch
Dr. Sigmund Freud + Dr. Phil McGraw

The Donalds
Donald Duck + Donald Trump

The Dons, or The American Dream, or Sometimes Crime Pays
Don Corleone (from The Godfather) + Don King

The Elton John Wayne
Eton John + John Wayne

The Enlightened
Mahatma Gandhi + Yoda

The Evolution Will Be Televised
Charles Darwin + Cornelius from Planet of the Apes

The Evolution Will Be Televised 2.0
Charles Darwin + Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes

The Factory, or I Want to Be a Robot
Futura from Metropolis + Edie Sedgwick

The First Ladies
Eleanor Roosevelt + Michelle Obama

The Flyboy Playboy
Howard Hughes + Hugh Hefner

The Franks, or Fly Me to the Moon Unit
Frank Sinatra + Frank Zappa

The Futurists
Aldous Huxley + George Orwell

The Georges, or One Nation Under a Groove
George Washington + George Clinton

The Guitarists, or Crossroads Traffic
Robert Johnson + Jimi Hendrix

The Greatest
Cassius Clay + Muhammad Ali


The Importance of Being Ernest, or Men Without Women
Oscar Wilde + Ernest Hemingway

The Jacks, or On the Road to Camelot
Jack Kerouac + John F. (Jack) Kennedy

The Jean-Michelangelo
Jean-Michel Basquiat + Michelangelo


The Kates
Kate Moss + Kate Middleton

The Kims, or Lil Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Il + Lil Kim

The Kims, Two Point Un
Kim Jong Un + Kim Kardashian

The King Kong of Rock and Roll
King Kong + Elvis Presley

The King of Kings of Rock and Roll
Jesus + Elvis Presley

The Ladies Sang the Blues
Billie Holiday + Amy Winehouse

The Lees
Bruce Lee + Brandon Lee

The Lennon/McCartney
John Lennon + Paul McCartney

The Leonards, or Who By Fire
Leonard Cohen + Leonard Nimoy

The Lizard King of Kings
Jim Morrison + Jesus

The Mad Max Headroom
Mel Gibson + Matt Frewer

The Madonnas
Virgin Mary + Madonna Ciccone

The Man Ray Charles, or Sound and Vision
Man Ray + Ray Charles

The Martin Luther King of Rock and Roll
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. + Elvis Presley

The Marty and Bobby
Martin Scorsese + Robert DeNiro

The Martyrs
John F. Kennedy + Robert F. Kennedy + Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Marxes
Karl Marx + Groucho Marx

The Michaels
Michael Jackson at 3 life stages

The Mickey Mao, or East Meets West
Mickey Mouse + Chairman Mao

The Mickey Mao 2.0
Mickey Mouse + Chairman Mao

The Mona Lisa Marie
DaVinci's Mona Lisa + Lisa Marie Presley

The Music and Lyrics
Sir Elton John + Bernie Taupin

The Mutual Muses
Man Ray + Lee Miller

The Napoleon Complex
Napoleon Bonaparte + Prince Rogers Nelson

The Olivia Newton-John Holmes, or Sweet and Salty
Olivia Newton-John + John Holmes

The Orators
Frederick Douglass + Abraham Lincoln

The Orators 2.0
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. + Barack Obama

The Pee Wee Herman Melville
Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) + Herman Melville

The Pharaoh Fawcett
Pharaoh Ankenaten + Farrah Fawcett

The Pleasure is All Mine
Angelina Jolie + anonymous orgasmic woman

The Pope Francis Albert Sinatra
Pope Francis + Frank Sinatra

The Pope Francis Bacon
Pope Francis + Francis Bacon

The Pope John Paul Stanley
Pope John Paul II + Paul Stanley of Kiss

The Presidents
Abraham Lincoln + Barack Obama

The Princesses, or Girls on Film
Princess Grace Kelly + Princess Diana

The Princesses 2.0
Princess Diana + Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

The Queens of England
Queen Elizabeth II + Boy George

Prince Rogers Nelson at four stages

The Queens of England 2.0
A young Queen Elizabeth II + Freddie Mercury

The Raggedy Ann and Andy
Raggedy Ann + Andy Warhol

The Renaissance Men
Louis Armstrong + Langston Hughes


The Rick James Brown
Rick James + James Brown

The Ronald McReagan
Ronald McDonald + Ronald Reagan

The Rons
Ron Jeremy + Ron Howard

The Salvador Dali Lama
Salvador Dali + The Dalai Lama

The Scorcerors
Walt Disney + George Lucas

The Skywalker
Mark Hamill in 1977 and 2017

The Stargazers
Carl Sagan + Stephen Hawking

The Stevies
Stevie Wonder at 2 life stages

The Surrealists
Jean Cocteau + David Lynch

The Symbionts
Andy Warhol + Jean-Michel Basquiat

The Tonys
Tony Robbins + Tony the Tiger

The Tower of Song
Leonard Cohen + Nick Cave + Tom Waits

The Trippers, or Come and Knock on My Doors of Perception
Aldous Huxley + Jack Tripper (John Ritter)

The Throne
Kanye West + Jay-Z

The Venus De Miley
Venus De Milo + Miley Cyrus

The Voices
James Baldwin + Ta-Nehisi Coates

The Woody Allen Ginsberg
Woody Allen + Allen Ginsberg

The Words and Pictures
Susan Sontag + Annie Liebovitz

The Wordsmiths
William Shakespeare + Morrissey

The Writers (Metamorphosis)
Franz Kafka + William S. Burroughs

The X and the O
Malcolm X + Barack Obama

Tim + Johnny = Edward
Tim Burton + Johnny Depp (as Edward Scissorhands)

Friedrich Nietzsche + Superman

You Say You Want a Revolution
Vladimir Lenin + John Lennon